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Nenmara Vallangi Vela is a wonderful traditional festival held in Nellikulangara Bhagavathy temple,which is about 35 km away from Palakad. This  is organised by two different regions( Places) namely Nenmara and Vallangi. The ‘deshams’ compete each other in the aspects of different traditional temple orchestra(Melam) providing the viewers a special festival experience. The festival is also an occasion to watch some colourful folk art forms such as Kummatti, Karivela etc.The festival begins with the traditional flag hoisting ceremony, called as Kodiyettam and  on  the concluding day ( Vela) the 30th  caparisoned tuskers are arrayed in a heavily decorated canopy .The two regions makes different type of traditional arcades which is an exact replica of different kind of temple format which found in Kerala.  The arcades are decorated with different light patterns.

The Vela take place in hectares of Paddy fields in Nenmara, ie beside the Trichur- Pollachi high way. The place is sorrounded by many hills which in turn gives a spectacular view. The Nemanra and Vallangi People are also competing for fire works. Around 5pm and 7pm there is a sample fire works which keeps the people in the Festival place till 3am which is the exact time of the Fire Works competition. About 2 hours of Fire works competition is there. Even people from Tamilnadu and Karanataka are coming for watching this festival. 

Travel- The nearest Railway station is Olavakkodu ( Palakkad Junction) which is around 40 km awaya from Nenmara. During the Festival day you cant get there with your private vehicles since you have to park it 3 km distant from the   Vela place.( now you can imagine how many people are there to see this awesome festival).

Even the festival is in Hot Summer season, on that auspicious day it rains in the evening. You can get the smell of sand when the fresh rain falls on the paddy lands. Its like a nostalgic moment for me. The festival is not that famous in Kerala like Trissur Pooram but according to my personal opinion you can see lot more people here than Trichur Pooram and  you can enjoy the fire works from very distant too. 

Food and Accomadation-  The nearest town is Kollangodu( 8km) where you can find some lodges and small hotels for stay. Single room ( 200), Double room (300). There are a few lodges are there in Nenmara itself,but you can't get even a single room there since the booking closes almost an year before. You can stay in Palakad town but you have to be there in the Vela place in the noon itself then only you can get into the temple side. You can get a lot of traditional and fast foods from the place.

 Bus crowded with Northen Keralites

After the Melam the 11 elephants from each side walks across the crowd to reach the Vallangi side to take rest.

Nemara Arcade

Vallangi Arcade
Nellikulangara Temple
Fire Works

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